It all started in 2012 when Jessica Wong wanted to make the world sparkle in a unique way by making her first Glitter Injection. She started her brand with only $200 dollars to purchase 1 box of 100 injections and 5 different glitter shades. She started selling them on her Instagram feed @injectmesomeglitter (previously @snookisofficialtwin). Because she couldn't afford a website, she was selling her products only by email.

After the owner of “Anastasia Beverly Hills” bought 100 glitter injections, Jessica was able to invest the profit she made to create a new website, order business cards,and add more glitter shades to her line of Glitter Injections. Jessica was now able to expand her brand with new glitters and new products. All of her customers were super excited about the new website and the new glitter injections! 



At the end of 2015, Jessica created the first Pressed Glitter ever. This was such a unique and revolutionary way to apply glitter that it caught on and the company was able to expand its reach worldwide. Unfortunately, we faced a setback with materials used in the production of some of the products offered by Glitter Injections. Since then, the problems have been resolved and production has resumed.



Due to these unfortunate events, a number of major companies took advantage of this situation and they started to make Pressed Glitters as well. Even though their quality does not compare with our high quality, people would buy from them because they offered lower prices. Most of the  companies are using craft glitter AND their Pressed Glitters are being made in China as well. On the contrary, our Pressed Glitters are 100% handcrafted with cosmetic grade glitter. We hope our customers will continue to  support our indie brand!

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Glitter Injections!